Educational support to the school students in 2022 by CIRCLE Wing of Young Feminist Team

We strongly believe one of the main tool of eliminating the violence against women and children is lighten up the children by educating them, as the result of the current situation of the country students are struggling to get their basic right of access to the education .Uprising price of the learning equipment has become a challenge of the rural area students.

Considering the above issues CIRCLE is continuously contributing to the education of rural area students. Below the learning equipment distributed in 2022 in our working areas, 115 students benefited from the assistance

  1. Learning equipment’s (Schoolbags, Exercise books and other materials) value of 150,000 lkr to the school students of Mavalayanaaru Kailan Vidhyalayam,Karadiyankulam ,Eravurpattu DS divisions for 35 students
  2. Distributed 90 Exercise books to 30 children of Eravurpattu DS division through DS office Eravurpattu
  3. Distributed 200 Exercise books to 50 children of Koralaipattu central through Oddhamavadi Predesasaba

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