Emerging young feminist leaders to build their leadership and enhance the competency, vibrancy, and capacity of women, girls, and children to lead inclusive and sustainable development processes.

Through our actions, we seek to end any form of violence and build a society to raise a voice against violence.

CIRCLE has inaugurated a young feminist team in 2019 to promote inclusive and empowered women and youth societies in Sri Lanka that are actively involved in women’s development and poverty reduction.

Our Mission

“In order to attain prosperity and community harmony in Sri Lanka, we strive to augment women and to foster strategic coordination among women and youth. Believing that good government and vibrant women and youth society go hand in hand, we encourage inclusiveness, structured dialogue, and accountability.”


Sri Lanka – Towards and energized, competent and responsible women and youth society.


The objective is to promote inclusive and empowered women and youth society in Sri Lanka that is actively involved in women and youth development and poverty reduction.