Advocacy process initiated by CIRCLE’s youth wing in 3 DS divisions of Batticaloa

The process of identfiying the issues in the community and initiating advocacy for burining issues have been addressing by the CIRCLE’s young women leaders and youth in Koralaipattucentral,Eravurpattu and Manmunaiwest DS divisions sucesfully.Our women and youth members received several training on attending and handling the community level issues.

So far we have adresses School drpouts,awarness and actions for drugs supply and consumprion especially among youth,early child marriages ,human elephant conflict ,preventing the migration of young mothers and linking them up with manadtory service providers for alternative solutions.

Sucessfully we have rejoined 25 school droputs after a movement and awarness done by us along with the relevant stakeholsders of Eravurpattu DS division on 22nd of November 2023. We have been provideing continues support to equiping and capacitationg the team for the sustainability of the advocacy process.

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