Embrace Equity the International Women’s day quote of 2023 is marked in the women’s day event of CIRCLE Wing of Young Feminist Team 2023 on 08th of March 2023

The children of the 30 Marginalized women headed households received learning equipment from CIRCLE to meet their needs.

It is noteworthy that in Srilanka’s current economic crisis, the prices of learning equipment for school students have increased and students in rural villages are unable to afford them. Due to this it is expected that the number of dropping out of school will increase in Srilanka this coming April 2023.

One of the main visions 0f the CIRCLE is to promote the educational attainments of students. Improving the future of children through the education is a one of the important objective of CIRCLE.

Considering above points CIRCLE has provided learning equipment for the children of 30 women headed families of Savukady viilage (Eravurpattu DS division),Mahilavatavan,Naripulthottam villages (Manmunaiwest) as a small initiative.

During the event, awareness and discussion related to law and livelihood sustainability also took place. Nearly 35 Participants’ participated in the event

Pictures and the news telecasted in the state telecasting network Netra

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