Training and discussions on Domestic Violence ACT,Marriage ACT ,legal requirements and referrals

The training held on 12th and 26 th of November 2022 at YMCA hall.

25 young WHH participated in the training.

Main objective of the training is to give awareness, knowledge on the legal requirements, Acts of Domestic Violence and Srilanka Marriage ACT while doing referrals of the cases, incidents

· To feed knowledge and awareness of the legal requirements to handle the issues of the   women network going to be established and for the future sustainability of the network

· Enhance the competency of the selected WHH of taking the leadership and speak out the problems with confident

· Share and disseminate the knowledge, handouts of the Domestic Violence ACT with other women in the community Protect the Women, children and the youth from abuses, violence and refer to the right service deliver on time, especially during the crisis times like covid-19,Economic crisis.

· Protect the rights of the women, children and youth by obtaining the legal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate of the parents.

Beneficiaries gained knowledge and able to demonstrate and practice the knowledge to the community through the women network

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