Hotline launched to protect the Women and Children during the pandemic

Since there has been a sudden upraise in the spreading and severity of Covid -19 Virus in the district of Batticaloa, this activity was taken forward by CIRCLE –Wing of Young Feminist Team along with the district secretariat during this uncertainty troubling times to ensure the wellbeing and to protect the women who are the backbones of the function of this nation and the children who are precious and going to carry the future.

The hotline number is +94 705506600 (The hotline will be in used /or active 10 am to 2 pm from Monday to Wednesday every week)

The agents of the network are well-experienced team members of the organization and confidentiality will be ensured 100% of the caller.

The follow-up of the issues will be addressed to the relevant authorities, related women organizations, groups working for women and children’s rights, and the team will be followed up and work with the referrals until the solution met for the problems addressed.

CIRCLE –Wing of Young Feminist Team has collaborated with Suyam – Movement for social change in Trincomalee district, Affected Women’s Forum in Ampara to provide this service to Eastern province.

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