Women and youth Socio – Economic and Political Development.

Exposure visit with in Batticaloa District and Trincomalee District

30 Young women headed households participated in the exposure visits oraginized by CIRCLE –Wing of young feminist team.
• 25.09.2022 we have visited the places Kiran, Vaalaichenai, Kalkudha (Nutrition Flour Production at Kiran Parangiyamadu, Virudsham Mushroom production and Cultivation, Composed production, and Azolla production at Kiran Amiron Organics farm (Poultry) and leaf vegetable farm visited at Kalkudah)

● 07.11.2022 We have visited Trincomalee- Verugal, Trincomalee-Animal production and Health Department,Eastern Province, Multiple businesses (Ice cream, youghurt, curd, home gardening, food production, poultry, fresh juice making), Livestock management, Chicks hatching through incubator system, Mitigation /reducing deceases of livestock in natural way, Biogas producing using the wastage of cattle.

  1. Overall, both 2 visits were good, because the participants got the experiences through the visits.
  2. Able to see the successful small business which is handled by women.
  3. Abled to see and learn many new things.
    ▪ How to grow “Azola” (a kind of nutritional plant that can be given to chicks, goats, and cows)
    ▪ Preparation of liquid fertilizers
    ▪ Mushroom production

4.The visits have encouraged and motivated the participants to generate a new business or expand their business and many other important things

Quotes of the beneficiaries

“I wondered, how a single lady handling multiple small businesses like milk production, meals servings, poultry, and livestock rearing and earning more than LKR 300,000/- per month,” said Jeyaweera Jayanthini from Mahilaweduwa

“After the exposure visits, I have been inspired to do so, and I trying to practice that one by one “ (Azola, liquid fertilizers, and starting possible small businesses) said Thayananthan Roopini from Mhalilawedduwan

“I had a wish, to see the “Sathuma production” fortunately it has been achieved through this exposure visit, “said Janarthani from savukady
“The ingredients such as red rice, green gram, maize, ground nuts, and gingelly which are used for the “Sathuma production” can be obtained from our village but in Kiran, they are purchasing from outsides,” said Theepan Vijayakala from Mahilawedduwan

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