Women and Youth Networks were established and strengthened in 03 DS divisions in Batticaloa by CIRCLE

03 Women and youth networks were established and strengthened by CIRCLE in Eravurpattu,Manmiunaiwest and Koralaipattu Central.03 networks are successful and functioning with the support of CIRCLE, continuously the team resolving the identified issues in the community aligning with the mandatory service providers. So far the network addressed the issues of School dropouts , Drugs consumption ,Human Elephant conflict and the consequences, illegal or non protection migration ,early marriages .

CIRCLE organized and conducted a panel discussion with the advocacy steering group members of the networks and mandatory service providers like Women development officers ,child protection officers, counselors, Youth service officers, Child right promotion officers ,representatives of the NGO secretariat to ensure the continuous effective function of the networks established by CIRCLE .

CIRCLE has distributed stationaries value of 25,000 lkr to each network to support the initiatives of the network in order to resolve the identified issues in the community and CIRLCE is looking forward to support them by providing more soft skills on leadership ,handling cyber internet crimes ,trainings on STEM and other training based on the need of the network in near future




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