Inauguration of Library at Savukady Village, Batticaloa

Generally all around the globe the habit of reading is increasingly becoming a rare quality to observe among both youngsters and elders especially because of the influence of the internet and modern technology.

CIRCLE-Wing of young feminist team is carrying out a few activities in Batticaloa district to rekindle the reading habit.

As the first phase of the initiation on 19.04.2021 our team has donated 100 books to about 300 kids from approx 1000 families living with poverty in the village of Savukadi who never had much access to books   but have such thirst for knowledge. As a result of this initiation, about 1000 families have obtained an opportunity to develop their habit of reading.

As the continuation of this we are hoping to conduct mobile library, reading circles, reading competitions and record book maintenance for months.

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