CIRCLE’s performance in VRIDHI festival

VRIDHI is the platform for CSO’s created by UNOPS for the networking collaboration and support between the civil society community of Srilanka.

VRIDHI aims to create a platform via which inter – civil society connection can be formed and nurtured based on geographical location, areas of interest of work and other shared values.

VRIDHI festival organized by UNOPS team held on 29th and 30 of July in Batticaloa for the Eastern civil society organizations ,CIRCLE took a part of the panel discussion on the topic of “Women in Leadership” and we were also able to introduce our 10 emerging young women entrepreneurs of Mahalavattavan ,Manmunaiwest to start up their business activities of selling organic products with the VRIDHI platform.

Moreover CIRCLE as an emerging CSO we got the opportunity to expose our self and interacted with the other CSO members of Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee[0]=AZU3lEogLPNsCUlmwI6K5UkdH6v05c04rUy7hqX-xWN-tPcxlxaL1MkRVjZ3CNHmQ1VQqD_41o-0MDOhRNBYR1mo5VLU0IZZG76SoKGuOkml7bLl3taIa7OmSk6URen-GOq67NvjARw_rmserMHha076&tn=*NK-R

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