Category: Knowledge Co-Production & Co-Creation

  • Heartfelt thanks to our donors

    We are eternally grateful for all the people who donated books for this initiation to make this a success and we are publishing their pictures on our WEB and FB page to honor them.  And we are seeking for all your continuing help and support to create a thirst for reading books among little ones.

  • Inauguration of Library at Savukady Village, Batticaloa

    Generally all around the globe the habit of reading is increasingly becoming a rare quality to observe among both youngsters and elders especially because of the influence of the internet and modern technology. CIRCLE-Wing of young feminist team is carrying out a few activities in Batticaloa district to rekindle the reading habit. As the first…

  • Teamwork and unity

    Our young feminist team members have worked with commitment and with unity to find out donors to collect books for the little ones. Few clicks of the team members worked behind the screen to make the initiative successful.

  • Educational support to the school students in 2022 by CIRCLE Wing of Young Feminist Team

    We strongly believe one of the main tool of eliminating the violence against women and children is lighten up the children by educating them, as the result of the current situation of the country students are struggling to get their basic right of access to the education .Uprising price of the learning equipment has become…