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Highlights of CIRCLE’s Success in north

Linkage – Successfully helped the Science Resource center of Kilinochchi, a club formed by youths who got selected for university from bio and math steam,to get Rs 50000 to carry out their activities( promoting education).

Arranged a knowledge-sharing meeting for WRDS.

Helped a youth club (veesmar) to promote their activities – linkage – Designing the visibility card.

Created a partnership with Martram foundation to carry out youth empowerment activities.

Convinced “ Friendly Asia” to be partners with CIRCLE to work with WRDS to improve the entrepreneurship capacity.

Created a link with Mass holding – will be forwarding the CVs that we get from CSO members.

Done with First movie night.

Conducted induction session and Registered 14 youth clubs with CIRCLE on 9th March.

One of the members decided to do a project (for school) about CIRCLE.

An Engineer volunteered to provide motivational training for youths.

An accounting teacher volunteered to provide a free seminar for A/L students. Communicating with School principals to send the students for seminars.

Helping to enhance the small business among WRDS Teme would be “ Waste to Wealth”.