How to support

We are here to challenge the impossible towards sustainable development through ending violence.

CIRCLE – wing of a young feminist team involves an emerging young, vibrant women team to bring changes in the patriarchy, cultural norms and to end the violence against women, girls, and children.

The vibrant young feminist team supports the women entrepreneurs currently became inactive due to financial constraints and social-cultural barriers.

The team is emerging the women entrepreneurs and looking forward to assisting them to enhance their living standard.

We also supporting and assisting the women survivors in many ways, like providing legal assistance linking up with relevant authorities, arranging education sponsorship, etc.

We are seeking support for capacity strengthening programmes for our young feminist team.

Our team supports the people in many ways by collaborating with the district secretariat, where the Covid-19 hit badly in Batticaloa district.

Support to rekindle the reading habits

CIRCLE-Wing of the Young Feminist Team has in a process of collecting used books as well as new books to support the children in rural areas to create a thirst for reading books.

In order to make this initial success, our team is requesting books from the viewers of our web, FB page, and social workers.

Since it’s all of our responsibility to bring back the thirst on reading books for the little ones.

Meanwhile thanking all of our donors who supported us to make this event happened.