Gender Equality – Discussions with Government Agent

Gender Equality – Discussions with Government agent is being done to launch a hotline for women survivors, girls, and children.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. Recent emerging reports show the Covid -19 pandemic increases violence against women, girls, and children even though there is progress in the decades.

With lockdown measures in place, many women are trapped at home with their abusers, struggling to access services that suffer from cuts and restrictions. Emerging data shows that, since the pandemic outbreak, violence against women and girls and particularly domestic violence, has intensified.

To react and handle the situation since the women, children, and girls are trapped at home, our team decided to launch a hotline by collaborating with the Covid-19 taskforce in the district secretariat, successfully progressing Batticaloa district for future sustainability and for further assistance.

We expect to launch the hotline at the end of March 2021 and planned advocacy for the launch.

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