Focus group discussion with women survivors

As a prior goal of the young women team is to end all forms of violence against women, girls and children.

As one strategy of that, the team has been organized focus group discussions with women survivors with the age group from 18 to 50 in the DS divisions of Manmunai North(Villages: Nochimunai, Kallady Thiruchendur, Navarkudah) Manmunai West (Villages: Mahilavettuvan, Naripulthottam, Katkudah, Aythiyamalai, Vavunatheevu) Eravurpattru (Villages: Illupadichenai, Vepavettuvan, Paalarchenai, Periyasavukady, Sinnasavukady, Sivapuram, Yhapparkiramam) respectively.

General outputs from the village women and girls from the above DS divisions

  1. Domestic violence and gender-based violence
  2. School drop outs (MN,Eravurpatru)
  3. School children addicted to Alcohol, Smoking, and other drugs (Eravurpatru, MN)
  4. Early marriages and early childbearing (Eravurpatru)
  5. Multiple marriages
  6. Parents migrated and children are left insecure with grant parents.
  7. Microcredit issues in Eravurpatru
  8. Lack of transportation facility (Eravurpatru,MW)
  9. Child labours (Eravurpatru and Manmunai North)
  10. Land registration /ownership issues in some villages of Eravurpatru

Root causes discussed

  1. Poverty
  2. Lack of awareness of the importance of education, especially to the parents
  3. Alcohol, Smoking and drug addiction in younger ages/lack of awareness
  4. Lack of awareness on reporting the issues to the right government authorities
  5.  Fear to bring out the violence due to cultural and patriarchal norms
  6. No platform offered for youngsters, women to discuss the problems/ they are  not involved in decision making
  7. The family burden is on women, girls
  8. Land issues(ex: 6 perches land is not enough to start any livelihood activities )
  9. Transportation issues in resettled areas
  10. Migration

As a way forward, our team will give awareness, link up them with government authorities through district secretariat (through discussions), and follow up with the authorities.

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