Business plan development training to WHH

Women Economic Development

Basic business plan training conducted to 25 young women headed households from Eravurpatru and Manmuniawest DS divisions’ in-order to gain knowledge on doing business plan for each livelihood activities and to forecast financial budgets, family finance management  and keep recording documents of the business

 It helped all Participants to gain more knowledge and confident on doing the project successfully with record keeping and with finance forecast for their livelihood activities, and we could able to finalize the Business plan and budget for individual beneficiaries

Basic business plan trainings held on 27,28th of August and 9,10,11 September 2022 in Mahilwattavan GS office

Quote from the beneficiary  Menaka (Savukady):  “I have attended several trainings related to Business plan ,Organized by other NGOs or Government Sectors, But I never received such  a training with a lot of explanatory practical sessions rather than providing the theoretical sessions only. I wanted to say all the participants we should not missed such opportunities like this, we should learn and move forward from this and request all you to share the knowledge with other women like us and let us show the progress and let us improve our self-further”

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