Awareness sessions and interactions between Muslim women group and Tamil Women groups inorder to create peacebuilding through socialcohesion

As another key objective creating social cohesion among the communities the first awareness and interaction session took place for the 50 selected beneficiaries with the 02 ehtnicity

This session being conducted with the support of the UNOPS SDG grant and the session acheived the following results,

  • How well people in a group work together, trust each other, and share values. Here, the two ethnic groups got together and the project can facilitate the groups think together about the common issues and the benefits of being together. As there are disconnections between different ethnic groups, the peace building processes and widening the process is also a challenge. So as a model, the Muslim women group from Koralaipattu Central and Tamil Women groups from Eravurpattu and ManmuniaWest connected through the interaction session and made them aware of the results of social cohesion through thinking in the ways of;
  •  1) Belonging vs. isolation, 2) inclusion vs. exclusion, 3) participation vs. non-involvement, 4) recognition vs. rejection and 5) legitimacy vs. illegitimacy.
  • Also the space created the two Muslim and Tamil ethnicity to interact and learn each other’s cultural importance as well as norms and barriers, Build a strong relationship through peace and social cohesion among them.

Feedback from the partcipants ,

Kavitha (Eravurpattu ) We have learned the threshold of poorest families, poor families and the middle families and how to uplift the poorest families to poor families and the mechanism of interact with middle families ,from the motivational video clips played during the sessions we all partcipants got the courage to enhance their families by economically and how to commit our self to uplift the other families to develop the community to next level.

Sulfika (Koralaipattucentral)The relationship between us and our tamil sisters are severed at present due to various reasons ,thanking CIRCLE to merged us through this event,this platform enable us to intreact with them and this event has given us an oppurtunity to renew our sisterhood .

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