Initiatives of CIRCLE’s Advocacy network of Koralaipattucentral DS to support the women victims to obtain their legal documents

CIRCLE’s advocacy network of Koralaipattu central conducted a mobile service to facilitate the process of obtaining the late birth certificate ,death certificate and marriage certificate.

Awareness session on the consequences of delaying the registration process of the mandatory legal documents also provided by the Additional Director Registrar (ADR ) of Koralaipattu central. 30 community members took part of the event .

ADR of KPC stated ” More awareness sessions required to create awareness of the importance of obtaining the legal documents like birth certificate, death certificate and marriage certificate on time ,as the community is not aware of the importance of the mentioned legal documents in Koralaipattu Central and Koralaipattuwest

12 Late birth certificates,1 Marriage registration certificate ,02 dead certificates have been distributed to the victims as an output of the mobile service event on “22nd of September 2023 ,held at Biranthuraichenai ,Valaichenai

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