30 of the most vulnerable households were assisted with conditional cash grants in Eravurpatru and Manmunaiwest DS divisions

Conditional cash grant disbursed for the following livelihood activities

  • Poultry Raring
  • Goat Raring
  • Food Processing (Dry fish processing and selling, short eats, breakfast ,curd production)
  • Home Gardening –Natural farming
  • Coconut oil making

It was agreed by the recipients of cash grants that:

  • The amount received will be utilized totally to start the business only
  • Create saving habits
  • Can’t hire the children below 18 years for any sort of work under this grant
  • Can’t use the income for any illegal activities such as drugs, alcoholic consumption etc
  • This will be closely monitored by CIRCLE team ,relevant government stakeholders and community leaders

And MOUs are signed with the identified right holders saying their agreements with all the above points, by witnessing by the responsible Grama Niladhari.

Cash grants disbursed on 21.09.2022 at Manmunaiwest and 23.09.2022 at Eravurpatru Ds division.

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